Boxes used for packing furniture for a cross country move

If you plan to relocate from Detroit, you must have many questions and worries. For starters, how to succeed in packing furniture for a cross country move? The most challenging part must be moving your possessions to a completely different location. Therefore, it would be wise to decide which furniture to leave behind so that you can lighten your load. Ultimately, starting somewhere fresh always calls for decluttering and distinguishing between the necessary and unnecessary. For that reason, we at Long Distance Movers Detroit have created this article to help you ensure the safety of your beloved pieces.

Tips for packing furniture for a cross country move

Moving from Detroit to another state is undoubtedly exciting. However, it also involves some stress, as furniture can be complicated to pack and move safely, especially if you are facing a long distance. That’s why it’s essential to get help from cross country movers Detroit, who are equipped with knowledge and experience. This way, you will ensure a smooth and stress-free move and the safety of your possessions.

Examine and clean it

Take time to clean your furniture before packing it for the move. First, however, make sure you use the right products.

While cleaning, make sure you take notes of your furniture’s condition. You can also take pictures to know exactly what state your pieces were in before the relocation.

Dismantle the furniture

If possible, be sure to dismantle your furniture before the move. If you don’t know how – look for instructions online or hire professionals to do it. This way, you will do yourself a double favor. 

  • Firstly, pieces are more likely to break if not dismantled.
  • Secondly, doing so will help all the items fit into the moving truck.

Get packing materials

If you own some essential pieces of furniture, be sure to equip yourself with suitable packing materials to ensure their safety.

Typically, people use bubble wrap for mirrors, glass, and wood. Plastic covers are used for chairs and couches with upholstery. Professional office movers Detroit offers know exactly which packing material is suitable for which furniture piece. 

A woman sitting on a couch wrapped in bubble wrap
Using suitable packing materials will ensure safety when packing furniture for a cross country move.

Work with moving blankets

Moving blankets are specially-designed blankets moving companies use to prevent damage. To secure it, make sure to drape it over your furniture and then wrap the whole piece with moving tape or rope.

Acquire insurance

Unfortunate things can happen when packing furniture for a cross country move. Therefore, be sure you understand your moving company’s insurance policy. Then, you can decide if you need to get additional insurance.

Pack the items properly

If you have the right crew of residential movers Detroit by your side, they will probably help you pack everything the right way. However, if this isn’t the case, you will need to learn how to load the truck to its full potential. 

It’s always good to start with larger pieces and use boxes for stability. You will also need to measure your furniture to make sure everything fits.

Two women standing with moving boxes
Use boxes for stability when packing your load into the moving truck.

Final thoughts on packing furniture for a cross country move

Regard your old furniture as something sacred. Be sure to follow our tips on packing furniture for a cross country move and have a scratch-free relocation!

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